Bike Club Challenge

Bike Club Challenge

Get a team of five members together to represent YOUR bike club. Team members do not all have to belong to your club--bring your friends! Wearing your club jerseys, compete against other Ontario clubs in either the 52 km or the 78 km race!

The Bike Club Challenge will be awarded to the fastest three clubs based on the total time of their fastest four (out of five) riders in the 52 km and 78 km road races.

All teams must register online under a unique team name. Payment by cash or cheque payable to Tour de Terra Cotta and can be submitted on race day.

See below for more details or contact:

Brad Hains, Race Director, 905-584-2557,

The More Members You Bring the More PERKS You Get!

For every 10 racers that register from your club, you receive a FREE RACE ENTRY!

When 10 racers have registered, please email Brad Hains at  to receive your Comp Code to use for a free race registration.

When six or more racers register from your club we can offer you SPACE TO SET UP YOUR CLUB TENT in the Vendor Expo area. It's a great way for team members to meet up and warm up! These racers do not have to be registered in the Club Challenge.

Looking forward to seeing you and your team at the race!

Are You Ready To Challenge Your Fellow Bike Clubs in Some Friendly-Or Maybe Fierce-Competition At The Tour De Terra Cotta Bike Race?
The winning team of our "Bike Club Challenge" earns top bragging rights and  PRIZES!
WHEN: Monday, August 7, 2017
WHAT: 52 km Intermediate Road Race OR 78 km Masters Open Road Road race
TIME: 52 km Intermediate Road Race: 11:45 am
             78 km Masters Open Road Road Race: 1:32 pm
COST: 52 km or 78 km race fee for each cyclist

52 km Intermediate Race: 1st Place-  Bike Club Challenge Trophy and prizes
                                                         2nd and 3rd Place- Bike Club Challenge Plaque

 78 km Masters Open Road Race:  1st Place - Bike Club Challenge Trophy
          2nd and 3rd Place- Bike Club Challenge Plaque

A photo session will take place after the race.

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